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Ultra 20 Advanced Face & Body Rejuvenating Gel

Ultra 20 Advanced Face & Body Rejuvenating Gel 1.0 oz

Our most advanced home maintenance Glycolic Acid face and body lotion, helps with the relief of the visible signs of dry skin and the ravages of skin aging. It stimulates the exfoliation cycle to produce everything healthy in your skin including collagen, fibril tissue and Hyaluronic Acid. Non-buffered. Recommended as a ‘step-up’ after starting with lower strength for at least one year; for advanced level anti-aging users. Best for those with oily to acneic skin. Non-buffered for greatest efficacy. • A complete body and facial lotion to improve skin texture and tone • May be used to refine stretch marks IMPORTANT! • Upgrade after 12 months of Ultra 15 Rejuvenating Lotion or Ultra 15 Rejuvenating Gel. This offers 25% more Glycolic Acid than the 15% concentration. The skin needs to be prepared for this increase in strength
Price: $40.00

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