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L.jpgThis area covers every product by product category. We give you a simple and easy to use format to learn about each product in a minimal amount of time. It is also a great product refresher. This section does not cover the theory behind the products and categories, which is being developed at this time as a significant educational source.

Acne (B-Kleer™) Hair Treatments
AHA/Glycolic (Exfoliator) *Lip Care
*Analgesic (Emunition®) *Men's Skin Care (Fuel™)
Antioxidants & Vitamins Moisturizers
*Antiseptic (Antisepation™) Nail Treatments (N2S™)
*Bath & Shower Nutrients (Emunition®)
Cancer Skin Care (Reprev™) *Organic (Organik™)
Cell Recovery *Skin Disorders
Cleansers Sun Wear (Pro-Tect®, Sunkiss™)
Eye Treatments (ionu™) Treatments—Home Maintenance
Face Masks  
*Page Under Construction

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