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Hair Regrowth That Works

Friday, October 24th, 2014
Hair Regrowth That Works

There are many forms of hair loss with treatments galore that claim to restore a full head of hair and we should not underestimate the stigma associated with hair loss. The good news is that as long as you have some hair, or if dealing with radiation and cancer, once your treatments end, regrowth can occur.

Most programs today are expensive and range from topical products, specialized lasers that stimulate the scalp to oral prescription medication. Our policy has always been to offer high quality and high efficacy at moderate pricing.

Within the first two weeks you will begin to have a much cleaner scalp from the build-up of waxes [created by shampoos and other hair care products] and  there will be a significant drop-off of hair fallout. Over the next three to six month you will see real hairs, not just peach fuzz, as your hair will grow in fuller and thicker.

For our cancer patients, due to skin sensitivity which often accompanies chemotherapy, we recommend using these products two weeks following your last round of chemotherapy. Our products will help your hair come back faster and in the healthiest condition possible, though it will often return in a different color due to the damage to the hair cells by the chemo.

Our Professional Hair Growth System Kit is simple to use. We have 4 essential products that need to be used daily and will require 4 – 6 minutes during and following your bath or shower.