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Skin for the holidays

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Are you traveling this holiday season? When you’re not at home, following your daily regimen can be difficult, especially your skin care.  Allow us to offer some ideas and suggestions to keep that gorgeous face of yours looking healthy and shinyduring the holiday season.

1) With all the holiday excitement and fuss, keeping your good and healthy skin care habits is essential, more so now than ever. Enjoy the parties, the food and the activities, but don’t forget to balance your foods to get the vitamins you need, or take vitamin supplements.

2) Even if you are keeping later hours, you still need to try to get plenty of sleep. Sleep is your skin’s best friend and without it, it will become dull and

3) Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water.  Drinking wine or hard alcohol is dehydrating and your skin will show the effects.

4) Whether you are traveling or just taking a break and enjoying the holiday, remember your skin is not on vacation! Keep cleansing, exfoliating, and a moisturizing routine in place.

5) Last, but not least! Also remember your sunscreen! Regardless whether hot or cold, the sun is your skin’s worst enemy. The ultra violet aging (UVA) waves are at 100% potency, rain or shine, from sunrise to sunset.

If you are on the road this holiday season, remember we have travel kits to makeit easier to take good care of your skin.

Whatever you do, have a safe and happy holiday season, and take time to remember your skin!