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Grape Seed Body Lotion Body Grape Seed Body Lotion

A superior moisturizer with high antioxidant activity that penetrates the skin quickly.

Starting Price: $6.50
Pro-C Moisture Max + Amino Acid Bottle Pro-C Moisture Max + Amino Acid

A super moisturizing system that controls the appearance of crow’s feet and surface wrinkles while adding nutrients to dry and environmentally damaged skin.

Starting Price: $50.00
Grape Seed Serum Bottle Grape Seed Serum

This natural ingredient delivers the highest and most potent antioxidant bio-availability in the industry; it enhances the stability of dermal Vitamin A performance and reduces the premature destruction of Vitamin C.

Starting Price: $50.00
Pro-C Lipid Recovery Serum SC Bottle Pro-C Lipid Recovery Serum SC

This unique system is designed with the combination of Vitamin A, three forms of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and five different lipids is a potent, antioxidant rich skin care formula that deeply penetrates the skin.

Starting Price: $55.00
Pro-C Lipid Recovery Creme SC Bottle Pro-C Lipid Recovery Creme SC - 2.5oz

This is a unique barrier protectant system that rebuilds your skin’s protective barrier (the Stratum Corneum) quickly.

Starting Price: $75.00

Moisturizer Designed for Effectiveness

When it comes to creating products that minimize the damaging effects aging can have on the skin, it's important to utilize ingredients that are active and offer efficacy based on clinical and scientific research that has shown proven and positive results. We offer an extensive program of products to fit many needs based on your skin type and damage. We are an independent registered FDA facility in Texas that creates antioxidant rich moisturizer and similar products, each of which has been carefully blended to give a range of skin benefits.

Moisturizers with Antioxidants Deliver Visible Improvements

Our anti-aging moisturizers are loaded with components such as Grape Seed Extract (an extremely potent antioxidant that protects Vitamin A and C levels), Vitamin A (proven to create skin normalization), Red Marine Algae (an amino acid), Vitamin C (critical to healthy skin since we cannot produce it systemically, Ferulic Acid (a potent antioxidant that helps Vitamin C and appears to assist in warding off a sunburn), Stem Cell Green Apple (a potent booster to create synergy within your exfoliator and antioxidant) and a very special family of five lipids (found to be the tell-all building blocks of the Stratum Corneum (our protective layer). These masterful ingredients have been skillfully utilized by both a Dermatological Chemist and a Ph.D. Biochemist, while working under the direction of a Board Certified Dermatologist / Cosmetic Surgeon.

Our Antioxidant Facial Moisturizers Provide an Enhanced Appearance

Not only are our moisturizers designed for easy use and long lasting effect, they're also suitable for the full range of skin types and skin conditions. There are many changes that take place as the skin ages. Both intrinsic and extrinsic changes and damage may require different products to counteract the issues. Our anti-aging moisturizers are perfect complements to maximize the benefits from the proper cleanser, treatment and protection (sunscreen) needed to minimize or eliminate the damage that is or that is yet to come.

Moisturizer with Antioxidants that's Always Appealing

Licensed skin care professionals to Board Certified Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons know the quality and efficacy of our products. We take great pride in our ability to create high quality, moderate pricing, and highly appealing products that are effective and designed for all skin types. To find out more about our selection of products or to place an order, call us at (800) 922-2883.