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Pro-Tect SPF 20 Lotion Bottle Pro-Tect SPF 20 Lotion- 1oz

An extremely high-quality sunscreen designed to moisturize the skin and protect from moisture loss and over-exposure to UVA / UVB / UVC radiation.

Starting Price: $12.00
Pro-Tect SPF 30+ Lotion Bottle Pro-Tect SPF 30+ Lotion

This is an extremely high-quality sunscreen for extreme conditions.

Starting Price: $14.00

Dermatologist Recommended Sunscreen that Offers Effective Protection

UV radiation can damage delicate skin tissue, resulting in wrinkles, lines and blemishes as well as dryness. In some cases, excessive UV rays can even lead to skin cancer. An effective sunscreen with UVA protection is an essential investment, providing protection against the dangerous effects the sun can have. We have created a high-grade range of sunscreen products that can help with damage prevention.

UVB Blocking Sunscreen for Professional Use

Our SPF15 sunscreen and SPF30 sunscreen has been designed for use by skincare professionals who treat individuals that need high-quality options for optimal skin health. Our team is led by a fully qualified dermatologist, ensuring that everything we make isn't just easy to use and appealing, it's also packed with active ingredients that research has shown can benefit the skin in a variety of ways.

Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients in Our Sunscreen Options

The compounds we put into our sunscreens are of the highest quality, resulting in products that not only work, but are safe to use. We offer Paraben and PABA-free choices which make our sunscreens more attractive to a wider audience. Straight-forward to use, our sunscreens often last for up to 24-hours between applications.

Long Lasting Dermatologist Recommended Sunscreen

Sunscreens that come off easily aren't just less likely to be effective, they can also leave an unwanted residue on clothing. Our sunscreens need to be washed off with soap and water. Once they're applied, they tend to stay on the skin unless active steps are taken to remove them. With so many advantages, our sunscreens are a popular choice with many skincare experts. To find out more or place an order, call us at (800) 922-2883.