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AHA Glycolic Acid

Among our Dermatology skin care products, the AHA/ Glycolic Acid products are the most sophisticate.

Each of our Glycolic Acid products contains fully active glycolic acid. This means that they meet the base minimum criteria for efficacy. Glycolic Acid, to offer extremely high quality and 100% efficacy and bioavailability into the skin, must have at least 8% concentration, pH between 3.0 and 4.0 (for consumer home maintenance use), and be non-buffered. This will then fully stimulate the exfoliation cycle. This will automatically jump start the system, which will deliver hyaluronic acid, fibril tissue, collagen, plus 19 critical lipids that eventually, creates and rebuilds a healthy Stratum Corneum. No other ingredient has ever been found to do this as well, as much and as quickly as Glycolic Acid.