About Us

Our History

FabSkin247 is the fulfillment and distribution arm of A-Cute Derm, Inc®. A-Cute Derm, Inc®., is a privately held Houston-based company that manufactures, distributes and markets professional health care products worldwide. The products were developed and initially marketed exclusively to the patients of nationally renowned Houston physician, Esta Kronberg, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic and dermatological surgery.

Dr. Kronberg founded A-Cute Derm® in 1987 in response to patients’ needs for effective products in conjunction with Retin-A® treatments. Today, A-Cute Derm® offers more than 100 products meeting a variety of cosmetic and health-related needs, including our pioneer line of Emu Oil for its skin healing properties. All A-Cute Derm ® products are patient-tested and utilize pharmaceutical-grade, (highly purified ingredients) thereby offering the highest efficacy available in products today.

"The key to understanding skincare is that whether you have flawless skin or problem skin, you need a simple program that is designed specifically for you," said William (Bill) C. Davis, who co-founded the company with Dr. Kronberg. Dr. Kronberg notes that this philosophy is to always develop products that maximize efficacy for its intended audience. “You have to understand that nothing works 100% of the time and no single product can help everyone,” states Dr. Kronberg. "We know what patients need and I am able to see what works for them first-hand. Our patients can be assured that they are getting the finest grade of ingredients, in their purest form—rather than the typical cosmetic grade found throughout the industry,” she said. Other A-Cute Derm® products include acne treatments, cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, medicated hair remedies, nail treatments and skin nutrients.

A-Cute Derm® products are available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons and licensed skin care professionals. We also offer private label and custom formulations.

Mission Statement

To understand our desires and direction, it is very important to keep in mind that not all skincare treatments are alike. Our philosophy is simple;

• Offer the finest over the counter (OTC) products that are available

• Offer products that work independently from one another but also work synergistic to improve performance

•Offer all products at a recognized value